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Paul Craig Roberts Trump Brexit Interview

Jason Liosatos talk with Paul Craig Roberts about Donald Trump waging war on the Elites and standing up for the working class, the Inauguration, the Brexit sham, Hilary Clinton, Theresa May, Fake News, the EU, and how people all over the world are last awakening to what is true and what is false..

Transcript : hello and welcome to outside the box 0:06 again thank you for joining me this 0:08 evening and very excited to much of a 0:11 great guest on who's joining me 0:13 regularly it's dr. Paul Craig Roberts 0:15 over in the US 0:18 dr. robert z it was the assistant 0:19 secretary of the Treasury with ronald 0:22 regan i was going to say well is perhaps 0:24 you can join Trump that'll be nice 0:25 we'll hook it up to a ten minute he 0:30 opposes secretary with the Ronald Reagan 0:32 at prolific author Tony of good attorney 0:35 of good intentions the neoconservative 0:37 threat to world that two World Order 0:39 tremendous columnist right in all the 0:41 time incredible them and go to polls a 0:45 web sites are programs dog 0:49 thank you Paul again for coming with me 0:51 to speak some truth to people tonight 0:54 well just always one more shot thanks 0:59 Paul 0:59 it's always great to have you on it 1:00 really is because as I said many times 1:02 there's there's not a lot of people who 1:04 really see it as it is out there that 1:06 overlook might my my listeners loved 1:09 your post and pre brexit talk on the 1:11 show and it was great a lot of people 1:13 wrote to me a call and said well 1:14 actually was Paul Craig Roberts swing we 1:17 chose to vote out you know they said 1:19 that yeah I was there seems convinced 1:21 the stain important to what Paul said 1:23 convinced me you had a great great 1:25 effect on people you know so 1:26 ok so a pole but there's many things to 1:30 talk about but obviously the obvious is 1:31 the thing we're talking about today a 1:33 little bit is is I'll give us to kick 1:36 the can down the road disabled Trump i 1:38 was fascinated by the inauguration 1:40 speech I could be honest all i was sick 1:42 and white as well I'm just done with all 1:44 to be honest living seeing him up there 1:46 and I know trans brilliant but you know 1:48 I radical i am like a lot of myself 1:50 allies I want to be completely different 1:53 completely different where we have a 1:54 freedom for Humanity and get out of this 1:56 casino slave system like and i am a 1:58 little bit outspoken up but but Trump is 2:02 definitely the best of the 2:03 the the spectrum of the moment over 2:05 there and Hillary people have been 2:07 freaking out which is fascinated me 2:10 so you know we're looking at people say 2:13 no trumps just another mask on the same 2:15 face some people have been saying of 2:17 Israel you know i mean actually proves 2:21 there's a master awake and conscious 2:23 sterling and awakening which is great 2:25 that's a prerequisite to anything 2:27 happening for sure 2:29 so what are we seeing your pole I mean 2:31 what's happening what was your take the 2:35 fact that he slammed me that was good he 2:37 slammed them they all SAT there like 2:39 naughty boys and girls that he didn't 2:41 shake hands with Hillary or anybody and 2:44 there was George Bush there you should 2:45 obviously be in prison with Blair and 2:46 obama because each election when it 2:49 changes everything is forgiven i don't 2:51 think it should be they should hang 2:52 those people up for war crimes but there 2:55 they weren't any it was all it was very 2:57 interested in Paul what did you make of 2:59 it 3:00 well he declared war on the ruling 3:03 establish look which is what i thought 3:07 was remarkable about speech no one has 3:10 done this before the operation to repeat 3:20 the charges vary during the campaign for 3:24 the nomination for the presidency that 3:27 the ruling status when he had sold out 3:29 of people that was going to stop 3:32 so what we're really presented with a 3:35 very extraordinary that here we have a 3:40 billionaire condemned by liberal 3:45 progressive left is just another place 3:48 for and he has aligned with the working 3:56 class at the liberal progressive left 3:59 has a band good when is the last time 4:02 you heard of defense of the working 4:05 class from the liberal progressive left 4:09 i'm not heard one of decades little 4:12 progressive left they are 4:15 alive with identity politics organized 4:20 groups they regard the working Clause as 4:26 a bunch of the plural home phone races 4:33 so we see now that the working class has 4:38 been completely separated from the left 4:42 wing that historically was a defender of 4:45 the flash especially since call marks 4:50 road capital so we see here an alignment 4:55 all the working class against the ruling 5:00 risk credit police who actually are the 5:05 new aristocracy 5:07 so this is my this is what's unique 5:11 about it people try to say always 5:16 against you know for creating the 5:23 immigration laws to enforce the law 5:25 doesn't enforce immigration laws if 5:31 you're enforcing immigration laws this 5:32 mean you're racist 5:35 what does the real test is ready to 5:43 share which is he is going to normalize 5:46 relations with Russia the characters 5:49 I've emphasized his former service pros 5:53 job has emphasized Stephen coin is 5:58 emphasized and a few other people the 6:03 level of tensions between the United 6:06 States and Russia are driven so 5 by the 6:11 abomination that was warning of the 6:18 changes of thermonuclear war to anyone 6:23 who can remove that threat is God's gift 6:26 to you 6:27 and you see all these idiots hospital 6:31 criticized and choc when he's not only 6:35 home we have for reducing these tensions 6:38 show a total disconnect from reality 6:42 hatred has video / comments eps hatreds 6:47 travail recognition of reality 6:52 so that's the situation the median the 6:55 Western media they're not a media they 6:58 have become the political opposition and 7:02 therefore they have no critical no one 7:04 can believe anything they say but those 7:06 are determined to the universe so long 7:11 would you want to do minimize the person 7:15 is going to and these dangerous Russian 7:20 and thereby save us from the prospect of 7:25 war which would simply remove all 7:27 problems by removing all life and why 7:32 would you want to be against somebody 7:33 who said he is going to see again the 7:38 working-class cast some kind of economic 7:41 prospects that leaves them with the 7:45 state of the system if he can do these 7:48 things you destroy the American history 7:52 everyone was out not everyone is 7:55 so-called liberal progressive loved they 7:59 can't get enough of expressing their 8:01 hate you 8:02 revulsion so what are the warmongers 8:06 they hate the working place that's what 8:11 you have to conclude what it any today's 8:16 of working class is a little progressive 8:20 collapse and the enemy of humanity 8:22 people who support war destruction the 8:28 local production left that's the way the 8:32 issues have worked themselves look 8:35 that's how they are defined map at this 8:37 time 8:38 of course that's much trucks table 8:42 thanks Paul 8:47 well ya stop there for I got an 8:52 excellent equity only filled with stuff 8:56 that I mean what makes i love what you 8:59 say i like the head of your honesty and 9:01 sodium is my listeners that's why they 9:03 don't like having you on because you 9:06 know like you said they had they hate 9:07 the working classes almost like they 9:10 sort of hate people really sort of 9:13 harvest in people's energy they're sort 9:15 of its like in its like hamsters on a 9:17 wheel they don't care about the people 9:19 people keep thinking the Hillary Clinton 9:21 get about them 9:23 she doesn't care about you know there's 9:24 a permanent of these people in fact they 9:27 last behind your back 9:29 that's what they do is on record you 9:31 know and it's a strange twist it and 9:34 pull that sometimes people if you try to 9:37 help people to understand the prisoner 9:39 in as Trump is doing so the very people 9:42 you're trying to help turn on you 9:45 I've had it with my own family with 9:46 other people you're trying to talk about 9:48 the truth and people turn on you because 9:49 it's a political but took people to 9:51 swallow that they've been tricked and 9:53 enslaved and it's almost like they 9:54 protect their masters in the prison you 9:57 know it's like a masochistic sadistic 9:59 symbiosis I've said it before and it 10:02 fascinates me 10:05 look people people themselves of course 10:10 there are no this is it is released or 10:17 where he has declared war cause the 10:22 least have about the working class so 10:27 you know this old globalism play only a 10:31 handful of leaves it destroys the 10:34 working classes and it destroys the 10:39 agricultural classes in the undeveloped 10:44 because it destroys the function by 10:48 taking the land 10:50 putting one in the corporate farming 10:52 produce next for globalism is a huge 10:57 play on mankind and no one you now but 11:06 he is not an oligarch interest a lot in 11:13 these global areas are not getting the 11:16 military security complex article in The 11:18 Financial there in New York real estate 11:21 entertainment and this is not the base 11:26 from which only ruling oligarchy come so 11:32 in a sense he is one of people not lucky 11:40 boy changed much 11:47 she's not the New York Wall Street get 11:53 not dead he is a dick 11:55 he's not a credible so what we're seeing 12:05 there is a Miss characterization of 12:11 careers a mischaracterization terminal 12:20 when you don't have a medium because the 12:22 function of the least in the Western 12:24 democracies the function media is to 12:29 keep the government honest home 12:31 accountable to report accurately to 12:37 bring justifiable criticism and to try 12:41 to moderate any sort of extremities and 12:48 the government will get off on the wrong 12:50 track direction but immediate political 12:55 opposition can do that credibility 12:58 everyone shares just saying 13:02 as an effort to be legitimized so we now 13:07 have a situation where believe the left 13:10 in the world there's no need to or check 13:17 those know i'm going to show you that 13:21 has redefined itself as the political 13:25 opposition to the well pretty important 13:31 and i just wrote down here as you're 13:32 speaking you know often the people with 13:34 the same thing fascinating the same 13:36 people who've been freaking out about 13:37 bricks it as well as Trump seemingly 13:41 that that it's not only the people who 13:43 got something to lose it like you say 13:45 the people in the higher echelons of the 13:47 money world the people in the lower 13:48 actions also like Geralyn this is what 13:50 we got introduced let's try someone 13:52 different to who might be able to help 13:54 us and that's I think it's you know you 13:57 could also almost say that this guy is 13:59 the beginning of the savior of humanity 14:00 I mean that's a bit of a sweeping 14:02 statement but i don't think people 14:04 realize that this is a massive smelling 14:06 sauce and finally we've got someone in 14:08 at last that might just help people i 14:11 know the thing is a misogynist and I 14:13 know he's a big businessman and I you 14:15 know I I oh no no I mean I draw the 14:21 female people to step forward not like 14:23 every 10 and she's overcompensated 14:24 become too masculine obviously and 14:27 bunkers goodness me those bulging eyes 14:29 but no sorry for what we call that I I 14:34 don't see any reason at all 14:37 sergeant Collins he's going to go to the 14:44 women he's creating these beautiful 14:45 budget student career for yep I to 14:50 believe I'm always showed it you know 14:53 always sort of the matter is it doesn't 14:58 matter you can save us from our 15:00 calculator Russian if he can restore 15:04 some economic home to the working class 15:09 yeah so what is that these things will 15:11 go on about don't matter to you 15:15 he can do shows his agenda but when you 15:20 calm always do all this just completed 15:24 his ability to deliver so I i see that 15:29 they want to hold on to these tensions 15:37 with Russia so that we can all benefit 15:41 from the risk of being blown up the ball 15:43 they want to keep the working-class down 15:48 so that they do rise violently there's 15:53 nothing to be gained from this type of 15:55 opposition we should be saying you're 15:59 going to have better relations with 16:01 Russia good we support that we're going 16:03 to my damn shoe the bus which you should 16:07 be saying oh you want to get some hold 16:09 back for the working class we support 16:11 that we're going to make damn sure 16:12 that's what you do but that's not what 16:15 this same so it's like you said 16:19 finally somebody comes along who speaks 16:23 and intelligently about the biggest 16:25 issues and all they want to do is for 16:28 some claims she sells about things that 16:30 are much smaller issues so i think the 16:38 danger we face is that we've got no 16:42 media to moderate moderate like for 16:46 example on the closet or different pose 16:52 global warming is a hoax 16:54 maybe but climate destruction is not or 16:59 put it this way 17:01 environmental destruction a hoax we know 17:05 it we know that the people in Flint 17:08 Michigan for example have poisonous 17:11 water these people they are the working 17:15 class so it's the working class which 17:19 suffer most from environmental 17:22 degradation 17:23 so here's a way to appeal to talk about 17:27 the environment 17:29 oh you want to have the working class 17:31 you want to give them good jobs again 17:35 ok but they also saw some environmental 17:40 degradation 17:41 so why don't you probably attention to 17:43 the environment 17:44 ok they're looking position that's the 17:49 way to deal with and yet they can't do 17:53 that the same thing with the place he 17:58 seems to trust the police and therefore 18:02 this making uncritical of brutal police 18:06 people should be saying when you know 18:09 please hang up it's not us yeah if you 18:16 want the ordinary people so the people 18:18 in here we've got to restrain the 18:20 question as you said it's not a question 18:22 the black wire brown for everybody and 18:26 so okay so this means that please have 18:30 to be showing lot unleashed 18:32 so you see how how media but completely 18:38 fail as a media I mean the media is a 18:42 total complete failure 18:45 there's down the way to God or moderate 18:51 a president even though there is where 18:54 it needs it and that's why people are 18:57 switching across obviously to other 18:59 media like gentleman like yourself like 19:02 alex jones like also to build a like 19:04 other people and and that's where they 19:06 get in there real information which is 19:08 supposed to be the fake news but it's 19:09 the exact opposite is brilliant i'm so 19:11 excited that things are switching across 19:13 that way you know and and I guess to add 19:16 it 19:16 I'm interested in what they were saying 19:18 about may evoke enum Reagan Reagan such 19:21 a ties ahead of the Trump meeting she's 19:23 we can trump now what you think's going 19:25 down there 19:26 what you want you think she isn't she 19:28 the first state department the first 19:33 head of state make an official visit 19:36 is that right ever college the right 19:39 woman I think anyone's number one vassal 19:50 state to Canadians so first what I 20:12 noticed anyone starts now control course 20:16 we have three judges unsure don't amount 20:22 to anything just said it's not up to the 20:27 British people or minister for not 20:31 bringing me here 20:35 well this is an attack on democracy but 20:43 what these three 20:47 I regards three judges to the brilliant 20:52 that I should run out of what is 23 21:00 possible do shading up all now can be 21:04 bribed by the global corporations to 21:09 vote to study and that's what people 21:14 should understand this is not a legal 21:17 ruling so we can slow this down until 21:23 the Americans can browse the Parliament 21:24 to stay in because that's what the 21:29 American 21:30 voluntary clear capital you stayed and 21:39 so as so-called judges with God they 21:44 have three situations where there is now 21:46 time for the global corporations the 21:50 American League to work enough of the 21:55 Parliamentarians to endure democracy 22:00 northern British people and probably she 22:14 probably does not she knows that but 22:19 that's what we should talk about what 22:22 we're gonna do about this 22:23 how are you stop the British people can 22:30 both to retain their national 22:34 sovereignty because of three parts 22:36 judges then you need a revolution most 22:43 part judges need to be put on the block 22:45 along with the goalless who is trying to 22:51 over see that's what I thought declared 22:55 war retired people globalists you lead 22:59 the guards tired of you over the table 23:04 so that's what I think the problem of 23:10 those judges you don't get yeah well 23:17 she's a thing Prime Minister an elected 23:19 at my station should go after Cameron no 23:22 one had the chance to think I know I 23:26 shouldn't sleep it off here but she was 23:27 one of the ones this she said that 23:29 people a chance to develop and she's 23:33 right right both true enough that she 23:36 was what I mean she's not high in Miami 23:38 breaking shoes one of them 23:39 that said sex offenders including 23:41 beautiful should be allowed to adopt 23:43 children and that was in amongst the 23:46 political cover up here in Westminster 23:48 which is deleted in the database very 23:51 very shady stuff all over here you know 23:52 but I i was with them ambassador James 23:55 Gilmour yesterday banks and such a 23:58 stoner you know of humanity and we were 24:01 chatting about this Trump thing we had 24:03 tea and cake in London it was jolly nice 24:04 i must say jolly nice day what they said 24:08 can you ask paul about disappointed 24:10 about UK and US conspired in to set up a 24:13 worldwide trading without Europe because 24:17 we're talking about the bodice johnson 24:19 at private private audiences with Trump 24:21 twice before and I think after breakfast 24:25 which was your thoughts on that for I 24:29 was not really interested now we are 24:47 outside establishing whether they become 24:55 an establishment or they get co-opted 24:58 into financial fragility of financial 25:09 experience imperialism all everything 25:15 not just UK but all of your child 25:20 african-american as we have power to 25:33 establish and operate the world in the 25:39 interest of the American global 25:42 corporations Atlantic version of 25:51 and transported to short change so i 26:01 think on the whole the battle and I 26:07 don't believe it's going to be about it 26:14 doesn't satisfies my video for financial 26:21 the rule you have to remember that one 26:29 all the European by extracting following 26:31 two counts of 70,000 about it was United 26:37 States it was the federal reserve bank 26:42 of the united states that pony up 26:45 several trillion dollars 26:48 otherwise you're so this show you step 26:58 of control and instead of the Empire 27:02 this will be the davis and you should as 27:17 I also very much agreed with you you 27:19 know they were just gonna they'll never 27:21 let you go out of breakfast they'll just 27:23 changing shifting my download broke down 27:26 years like part of the it's like taking 27:28 a public or leading the public from one 27:30 part of a prison to another and telling 27:31 them something different that's what 27:33 we're going to do and apparently seen 27:34 things the fact that as well but you 27:37 said it Paul and everyone I knew people 27:39 so always exaggerating you're right i 27:41 knew i will show you right they will 27:42 never go there just shift and change 27:44 into something else call it something 27:46 else and it'll carry on you think in 27:48 another thing you know it's like we're 27:52 just talking about asshole all yet so 28:04 you know I don't know how much more 28:07 evidence do you need to see that the 28:12 leaders don't respect democracy we have 28:16 not only infection but we had a case of 28:19 attention completely enclosing plumbing 28:26 and a country even voted and change this 28:29 government will be going still subjected 28:32 the group of people to what they had 28:35 rejected austerity the same time 28:40 portugal it will happen so there's 28:45 really no respect for democracy that I 28:48 can see in the last among the government 28:51 leads certainly not something we have 28:58 email from Hillary they all just no one 29:06 says they're real all the house 29:11 Democratic National Committee soul the 29:15 Democratic nomination from so we can see 29:21 even a political party doesn't believe 29:28 in democracy so you know this is a 29:33 serious situation we're really in boxes 29:41 don't believe in democracy and operated 29:44 and don't people you know we've already 29:51 talked about three judges vs cable input 29:58 i think it is it is time for that now 30:01 that there's a great source of people 30:03 realized as they did 4x4 trip we've got 30:06 enough for this and it's not democracy 30:07 it's slavery everybody wakey wakey hit 30:10 slavery 30:11 it's a concentration camp of slavery and 30:13 deceit and they just fooling around 30:15 putting different man 30:16 promising down face and I'm glad people 30:18 like to tell us about it 30:20 thank goodness for you honestly thank 30:22 goodness but you're really mean it 30:24 quick thing before you go for we're 30:26 running out of time as always I saw you 30:28 wrote today but the State Department war 30:30 criminals we might resign on mass quick 30:32 word on that 30:36 well you see there's nothing in France 30:40 way now to remove sections and exposed 30:44 tomorrow all so what the sanctions are 30:50 they are insult to Russia because the 30:52 occasional lives 30:54 I don't think they've done rushing 30:56 anything I can call hardly felt 30:58 fortunate to have more shelf life by 31:03 developing its economic relationships 31:05 relation to charge so i think the 31:09 sanctions actually help Russian but they 31:12 are an insult but goes they are really 31:16 an output to declare Russia an outlaw 31:19 state that has to be isolated so they 31:23 have to be removed is going to be good 31:26 relationships between the United States 31:28 and Russia and so who could block all 31:32 that all those people the State 31:34 Department dog 31:35 there's no wonder pocket so we're moving 31:41 tomorrow development i think the right 31:46 way to proceed and I think he will with 31:50 those so far his first week in office 31:53 look how many things he thought he is 31:56 moving very rapidly with is a jungle you 32:00 know it's even the parts of it may not 32:04 like that he is moving very rapidly so I 32:08 expected you also be sanctions 32:13 relationships between the United States 32:17 and Russia will cool down so we're 32:21 raving going to happen unless we need so 32:26 you don't have all the suspicion 32:28 hostile situation that can lead to 32:33 misunderstandings and miscalculations 32:35 welcome to just keep powerful do is kind 32:40 of like that so other instance there's 32:44 anything anything bother straight father 32:48 is dog you can't help that never comes 32:51 back and thank God Hillary Clinton and 32:54 all you ladies marching in the streets 32:55 if you only knew I said the other day if 32:58 you only knew what what's been averted 33:00 by Trump you crap your pants and I sucks 33:03 but it's you know I mean he diverted 33:04 would you say he's literally over to the 33:06 nuclear incineration literally a war 33:09 which he would have done what she surely 33:11 that trajectory pull it's the truth 33:14 isn't it for war and don't say that he 33:20 kept reminding me kept safely and he 33:23 will show you I can tell them we don't 33:25 even here and go but you're actually 33:27 said just this recently said also any 33:29 sharp Time magazine was just sure 33:33 while this works this worse than 33:36 anything related and I have to deal well 33:38 so i think yes 33:42 well pumps guards someone was something 33:45 wrong with people who don't get a chance 33:50 and don't try to model rating on their 33:54 issues he needs moderated violent on the 33:59 police community to have somebody 34:05 calling to share you don't have any 34:11 credit ok just the opposition also 34:14 political course there's no way to do 34:17 that so I see the media throughout the 34:20 West just the murder the press and 34:23 community is total unmitigated there the 34:28 whole box the whole function 34:30 responsibilities lost there's really no 34:33 reason for any more brilliant pulling 34:38 well if you're going to sense you listen 34:40 to you and I'm sure he does 34:41 what about it you know and now i'm just 34:44 going to flash your book up on the 34:45 screen that Pulitzer attorney of good 34:47 intentions that is for craig roberts and 34:50 also let me flash this one up 34:53 it is the neoconservative threat to 34:55 world order 34:56 Washington's perilous warhead gmoney my 34:59 good grief 35:00 great Porter meter man a warrior for 35:04 truth like yourself is always a joy to 35:05 have you on 30 minutes 35 minutes goes 35:07 like a flash when you're on here you 35:10 know and I really well sure what only 35:13 thought about all those are all 35:14 absolutely thank you so much for this 35:18 always a great joy to have you on the 35:19 show and thank you everyone for watching 35:21 very much indeed 35:23 I'm Jason status on outside the box 35:25 which is very much be coming inside the 35:27 box it's not radical at eight 35:28 information and fake news anymore it's 35:30 the truth 35:31 wakey wakey everybody you know there's 35:34 my book going to say that access my book 35:35 the emergency transformation of human 35:37 beings which were getting hits the 35:39 transformation of consciousness which 35:41 has been forced by Trump breakfast etc 35:43 so thanks everyone for joining me and 35:45 Paul Craig Roberts go to his website 35:47 focuser orc and then look at is is 35:51 columns everyday fascinating truth and 35:54 the truth is the truth and that's the 35:55 truth and it's got a perfume to it so 35:58 going smelt all-too-human his columns 36:00 thank you all very much and keep 36:03 positive and have something to change 36:05 into one republic publix

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A War Between the US Vs China Would Be World War 3 And Might Be Hard to Shut Off

A War Between the US Vs China Would Be World War 3 And Might Be Hard to Shut Off 

US could barely survive the invasion of Iraq..China can wipe them out within hours by raining supersonic missiles on them.

military Update news a war between the 0:09 US and China would be world war three it 0:12 might be hard to shut off the windows of 0:14 war between the United States and China 0:16 will in all likelihood last for a long 0:19 time presenting the world will require 0:21 tremendous skill in the human from 0:23 diplomats and policymakers similarly the 0:27 demands of position either side for 0:28 victory will continue to tax diplomatic 0:31 military and technological resources for 0:33 the foreseeable future at the moment 0:36 however we shouldn't forget the china in 0:38 the United States constitute the heart 0:40 of one of the most productive economic 0:42 regions the world has ever seen how does 0:44 the unthinkable happened as historians 0:47 continue to contemplate the various 0:49 historic anniversaries around world war 0:51 one through next year the question of 0:53 unexpected Wars looms large watch series 0:56 of events could lead to war in asia and 0:58 how would the foreplay out the United 1:00 States and China are inextricably locked 1:02 in the Pacific Rim system of 1:04 international trade some argue that it 1:06 makes more impossible than welcome 1:08 believe world war one inevitable but 1:10 other similarly started impossible in 1:13 this article i concentrate less on the 1:15 operational and tactical details of the 1:17 us-china war and more on the strategic 1:19 objectives of the major competence 1:21 before during and after the conflict a 1:25 war between the United States and China 1:26 would transform some aspects of the 1:28 geopolitics of East Asia it would also 1:31 leave many crucial factors unchanged 1:33 tragically conflicts between China and 1:36 the US might be remembered only as the 1:38 first sino-american war how the war 1:41 would start 15 years ago the only 1:44 interesting how the war between the 1:45 people's republic of china in the United 1:47 States start involved this is over 1:50 Taiwan or North Korea a taiwanese 1:52 Declaration of Independence a north 1:54 korean attack on South Korea or some 1:57 similar triggering event will force the 1:58 PRCA in the u.s. reluctantly into war 2:01 this has changed 2:03 expansion of Chinese interests and 2:05 capabilities means that we can envision 2:06 several different scenarios in which 2:08 direct military conflict between China 2:10 and the United States might begin he 2:13 still include a taiwan scenario in North 2:15 Korea scenario but now also involve 2:17 disputes in the East and South China 2:19 Seas as well as potential conflict with 2:22 India along the Tibetan border the 2:24 underlying factors in the growth of 2:26 Chinese power Chinese dissatisfaction 2:28 with the us-led regional security system 2:30 and us alliance commitments to a variety 2:33 of regional states as long as these 2:35 factors hold the possibility for water 2:38 will endure whatever the trigger the war 2:41 does not begin with the u.s. pre-emptive 2:43 attack against Chinese sweet error in 2:45 line based installations although the US 2:48 military would prefer to engage in 2:50 destroy chinese and telling Access 2:51 assets before they can target us planes 2:54 basis and ships it is extremely 2:56 difficult to envisage a scenario in 2:58 which the United States decides to pay 3:00 the political costs associated with 3:02 climbing the ladder of escalation 3:04 instead of the United States needs to 3:07 prepare to absorb the first blow this 3:09 doesn't necessarily mean that the US 3:11 navy usn in US Air Force you have to 3:16 wait for chinese mrs. to rain down upon 3:18 them the United States will almost 3:20 certainly require some clear public 3:22 signal of Chinese intends to escalate 3:24 the high-intensity conventional military 3:26 combat before it can we can engage in 3:28 chinese forces history world war one 3:31 gives any education the plot will not 3:34 allow the United States to fully 3:35 mobilized in order to either launch a 3:37 first strike or properly prepared to 3:39 receive a first row at the same time a 3:42 bolt from the blue strike is unlikely 3:44 instead brewing prices will steadily 3:47 escalated over a few incidents finally 3:50 triggering a set of steps on the part of 3:51 the US military that indicates a baking 3:54 that Washington is genuinely prepared 3:55 for war 3:56 these steps will include searching 3:58 carrier groups shifting deployment to 4:00 Asia from Europe in the Middle East and 4:02 moving fighter squadrons towards the 4:04 Pacific 4:06 this moment China will need to decide 4:07 whether to push forward or back down on 4:10 the economic side king in Washington 4:13 will both press for sanctions the u.s. 4:15 effort will likely involved a 4:16 multilateral effort and will freeze each 4:18 other's assets as well as those of any 4:21 code insurance 4:22 this will begin the economic pain for 4:24 capital and consumers across the Pacific 4:26 Rim in the rest of the world the threat 4:28 of high-intensity combat will also 4:30 disrupt global shipping patterns causing 4:33 potentially severe body mix in 4:34 industrial production 4:36 how did the allies respond whether you 4:39 had allies support American efforts 4:40 against China depends on how the war 4:42 begins if war breaks out over a collapse 4:45 of the DPR clay the United States can 4:47 likely count on the support of South 4:49 Korea and Japan anymore stemming from 4:52 disputes in the East China Sea will 4:54 necessarily involve Japan events in the 4:57 South China Sea lead to war the u.s. can 4:59 probably rely on some of the SC in 5:01 states as well as possibly Japan 5:03 Australia may also support the US over a 5:06 wide range of potential circumstances 5:08 China faces a less complicated situation 5:11 with respect to allies they could 5:14 probably expect never neutrality 5:16 including shipment of arms inspectors 5:18 from Russia little more the primary 5:21 challenge for Chinese diplomats will be 5:23 establishing and maintaining the 5:25 neutrality of potential US allies this 5:28 would involve an exceedingly complex 5:29 dense including reassurances about 5:32 Chinese long-term intentions as well as 5:34 displays of confidence about the 5:36 prospects of Chinese victory which would 5:38 carry the implicit threat of retribution 5:40 for support of the United States North 5:43 Korea presents an even more difficult 5:45 problem any intervention on the part of 5:47 the DPRK runs the risk of triggering 5:49 Japanese and South Korean counter 5:51 intervention in that mask doesn't work 5:54 out for China unless basing his surgery 5:56 that Seoul and Tokyo will go throwing 5:58 for the United States doubtful prospect 6:01 given the possibility to one another 6:03 it may spend more time restraining t on 6:05 getting them pushing it into the 6:06 conflict to hold your breath moments 6:09 biggest moment will come when the plum 6:11 makes an overt attack against the US 6:13 aircraft area 6:14 this represents the most significant 6:16 possible escalation against the united 6:18 states short of a nuclear attack 6:20 it's China decides to attack a US 6:22 carrier the war no longer involved 6:24 posturing and message sending but rather 6:27 a full-scale commitment of capabilities 6:29 designed to defeat and destroy any 6:31 military forces that means for this 6:33 attack matters an attack launched from 6:36 the ship our summary makes any plan 6:38 military vessel fair game for the united 6:40 states that doesn't necessarily 6:41 encourage us attacks against our bases 6:44 second artillery missile installations 6:47 or even naval installations the most 6:50 dangerous form of attack would involve a 6:52 ballistic missile falling against 6:53 bacteria 6:54 this is true not simply because these 6:56 missiles are difficult to intercept but 6:58 also because such mrs. carry nuclear 7:00 warheads the prospect of a nuclear state 7:03 using a conventional ballistic missile 7:05 against another nuclear state especially 7:07 one with the presumptive nuclear 7:09 advantage is laden with complexity the 7:12 next hold your breath moment will come 7:14 when the first US missile strike Chinese 7:16 targets given the overwhelming nuclear 7:19 advantage that the United States holds 7:21 over China the first wave of us attacks 7:23 will prove deeply stressful to the PRC's 7:26 military and civilian leadership this is 7:28 particularly the case if the Chinese 7:30 believe that they can win the 7:31 conventional level of escalation they 7:33 were worried that the United States 7:35 nuclear in order to retain its advantage 7:38 we can expect the China will deployed 7:40 submarines in advance of the onset of 7:42 hostilities the surface fleet is a 7:44 different story however in any I 7:47 intensity combat scenario the US navy 7:50 usn and US Air Force will see Chinese 7:53 worships legitimate targets for 7:55 destruction and we'll attack with aaron 7:57 surface assets 7:58 indeed even hiding import probably won't 8:01 prevent attacks on the plains largest 8:03 ships including the carry only outing in 8:05 the big new amphibious transport ducks 8:07 china will only sorta the plan under two 8:10 circumstances it feels it has sufficient 8:13 force protection to allow task force to 8:15 operate relatively unmolested or China's 8:18 position and become desperate in either 8:20 situation us submarines will pose the 8:23 most immediate threat to the surface 8:24 forces under most war scenarios China 8:28 needs to fight first permanent purpose 8:30 not simply the destruction of us and 8:32 Japanese military forces this means that 8:35 the plane was conveyed capture supply 8:37 and defense and geographical point most 8:40 likely either Taiwan or an outpost to me 8:43 east or south china sea need to 8:45 establish the conditions under which the 8:47 plant and conduct surface support 8:49 missions who will win colon the most 8:53 difficult question to judges who will 8:55 win because the question involves 8:57 assessing wide variety of unknowns we 8:59 don't know how well Chinese anti-ship 9:01 ballistic missiles will function or how 9:03 destructive us cyber attacks against the 9:06 plan will prove or how dangerous the 9:08 f-22 Raptor will be the conventional 9:10 Chinese fighters or how effectively the 9:12 different elements of the plan will 9:14 cooperate an actual combat finally we 9:17 don't know when the war will start both 9:19 the plot in the US military will look 9:21 much different in 2020 than they do in 9:23 2014 how the war would end this war 9:27 doesn't end with the surrender signed on 9:29 the battle ship instead it ends with one 9:32 participant in vineyard in likely 9:35 preparing for the next round 9:36 the best-case scenario for an American 9:39 victory would be a result into the 9:40 collapse of the imperial german 9:42 government at the end of world war one 9:44 or the collapse of Leopoldo Galtieri is 9:46 military government after the Franklin's 9:48 conflict humiliating defeat in war 9:51 including the destruction of a 9:53 significant portion of the plan in the 9:54 plus as well as severe economic distress 9:57 could undermine the grip of the CCCP on 9:59 Chinese governance 10:01 this is an extremely if the prospect 10:04 however in the United States shouldn't 10:06 count on victory leading to a new 10:07 revolution wild china wins China can 10:10 claim victory by either forcing the 10:12 United States into an accommodation to 10:14 us goals by removing the Alliance 10:17 framework that motivates in legitimates 10:19 us action the United States cannot 10:21 continue the war South Korea Japan 10:23 Taiwan and the Philippines no longer 10:26 have an interest in fighting either of 10:29 these require doing significant damage 10:30 to u.s. military forces and potentially 10:33 to the US economy the impact of a defeat 10:36 on us domestic politics would be tough 10:39 to predict the United States has lost 10:41 was in the past recedes have generally 10:44 involves negotiated settlements of areas 10:46 not particularly critical to us global 10:48 interests 10:49 it's not clear how the u.s. people would 10:51 interpret a major military defeat at the 10:53 hands of a peer competitor especially 10:56 appear competitor that continues to grow 10:58 in military and economic power the 11:00 President and political party that led 11:02 the US and the world would likely suffer 11:04 dramatically at the polls at least after 11:06 the immediate shock defeat for off the 11:09 biggest diplomatic and political 11:10 challenge that both countries face will 11:12 probably be finding a way for the other 11:14 side to give up maintaining its owner 11:16 no one benefits of this war becomes a 11:18 struggle for regime survival or four 11:20 national prestige how the peace begins 11:23 the prospect for us conflict with China 11:26 and the asia-pacific depends on a basic 11:28 appreciation of the changing balance of 11:30 economic and military power world war 11:33 one could not change the fact that 11:34 Germany would remain the largest and 11:36 most powerful state and central europe 11:38 similarly war is unlikely to change the 11:41 long-term trajectory of Chinese growth 11:43 and assertiveness at2 piece involves 11:46 re-establishment of productive economic 11:47 relations between China the United 11:50 States and the rest of the Pacific Rim 11:52 regardless of how the war plays out it 11:55 will almost certainly disrupt patterns 11:57 of Trade and Investment around the world 11:59 either side decides to attack or more 12:02 likely inter commercial shipping the 12:05 impact to devastate firms and countries 12:07 that have no direct stake in the war 12:09 however the governments of both the US 12:11 and China will face strong pressures to 12:13 facilitate the resumption of all trade 12:15 relations at least in consumer goods 12:18 China will not find it difficult to 12:20 reconstruct for losses even if the 12:22 United States effectively in violates 12:25 the plan in the plus you can expect that 12:27 the Chinese shipbuilding than aviation 12:29 industries will replace most losses 12:30 within the decade probably with 12:32 substantial assistance from Russia 12:34 indeed significant Chinese war losses 12:37 complete invigorate both the Russian 12:39 ship building in aviation industries 12:41 moreover the role will by necessity 12:43 modernized blocked by destroying legacy 12:47 capability a new fleet of ships and 12:49 planes will replace the legacy force or 12:52 losses to trained personnel hurts the 12:54 experience gained in combat will produce 12:56 a new highly-trained affected court 12:59 personnel this will lead to better more 13:02 realistic training for the next 13:03 generations of PLAs soldiers sailors and 13:06 airmen lose the Chinese military will 13:09 likely be morally for a decade after the 13:11 war the United States may have a harder 13:14 time replacing losses and not only 13:16 because US warships and aircraft cost 13:18 more than their Chinese counterparts the 13:21 production lines for the f-15 and f-16 13:23 or near the end and the u.s. no longer 13:26 produces f-22 moreover us shipbuilding 13:30 has declined to the point that replacing 13:31 significant for losses could take a very 13:34 long time 13:34 this might prove particularly 13:36 problematic if the war demonstrated 13:38 severe problems with the f-35 Joint 13:40 Strike Fighter given us intention to arm 13:43 the u.s. usn and USMC with f-35 variants 13:48 over the next decade 13:49 automatic receiving direct force 13:51 planning for the foreseeable future 13:53 the united states will have to face the 13:55 with it worth it 13:56 question 13:58 victory or defeat the US will suffer 14:00 substantial military and economic damage 14:02 even if the US wins it will not solve 14:05 the problem of China even in the 14:07 unlikely event at the ccp collapses a 14:10 successor regime will still be China's 14:12 literal potentially could cement the 14:15 us-led Alliance system making the 14:17 containment of China considerably less 14:19 expensive assuming that the Lord began 14:22 with an assertive Chinese move in the 14:23 eastern South China Sea the United 14:26 States could probably paint China of the 14:28 aggressor and establish itself as the 14:30 focal point for balancing behavior in 14:32 the region Chinese aggression might also 14:34 spiritual allies especially Japan to 14:38 increase their defense expenditures 14:39 award can invigorate US government and 14:42 society around the long-term project of 14:44 containing China the US could respond by 14:47 redoubling its efforts to outpace the 14:49 Chinese military although this would 14:51 provoke an arms race that could prove 14:53 devastating to both sides however given 14:56 the lack of ideological or territorial 14:58 threats to the United States this might 15:00 be a tough sell 15:01 finally the United States could respond 15:04 by effectively removing itself from the 15:06 east asian political scene at least in 15:08 the military sense this option would be 15:11 hard for many in the u.s. to swallow 15:13 given the generations of American 15:15 foreign policy makers at Harvard 15:16 hegemonic ambitions conclusion the 15:19 window for war between the United States 15:21 and China will in all likelihood last 15:24 for a long time preventing the world 15:26 will require tremendous skill and the 15:28 humans from diplomats and policymakers 15:30 similarly the demands of positioning 15:33 either side for victory will continue to 15:35 tax diplomatic military and 15:37 technological resources for the 15:39 foreseeable future at the moment however 15:42 you shouldn't forget the china in the 15:44 United States constitute the heart of 15:46 one of the most productive economic 15:47 regions the world has ever seen 15:49 that's something to protect and to build 15:51 on Robert Farley is a senior lecturer at 15:54 the Patterson school of diplomacy and 15:56 international commerce is work includes 15:59 military doctrine national security and 16:02 maritime affairs 16:03 he blogs and lawyers guns and money and 16:06 information dissemination and the 16:07 diplomat

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Why Trump’s Economic Justice Warriors Will Crash The US Dollar

for the last eight years we've seen the 0:08 rise of the social justice warriors sjw 0:11 as they had lobbied there man Obama to 0:14 the political power required to direct 0:16 the force of government in the name of 0:18 their own relativist brand of social 0:20 justice while they are still busy 0:22 demonstrating the violence soul of what 0:24 is inherent in all brands of statism by 0:27 breaking storefront windows under the 0:29 Trump epoch a new type of status warrior 0:31 has emerged let's call them the economic 0:34 justice warriors ejw like the SJW the 0:39 ejw ultimately also want to direct the 0:42 force of government in the name of 0:44 justice i'll be at slightly different 0:46 and much like the SJW this new form of 0:49 economic justice isn't just at all in 0:52 fact it is antithetical to the goals of 0:55 the ejw one of the big rallying cries of 0:58 the e JW has been to build a wall across 1:01 an entire continent 1:03 this is silly for a few reasons one is 1:06 that there already is a wall across most 1:09 of it but all it takes to defeat a wall 1:11 is a ladder or a shovel or a book but 1:15 even that is silly because there have 1:17 been more mexicans leaving the u.s. been 1:19 migrating there for the last five years 1:21 most say they leave due to how unfree 1:24 the land of the free is nowadays in fact 1:27 Americans maybe building a wall that 1:29 eventually will keep them in the IRS has 1:33 just announced that it will be notifying 1:35 the State Department of anyone with 1:36 overdue extortion tax payments anyone 1:40 with overdue tax payments will not be 1:42 given a passport to defect from the 1:44 country adding insult to injury on 1:47 building this useless wall is Trump's 1:49 idea on how to make Mexico pay for it 1:51 his way of making Mexico pay for it is 1:54 to charge Americans twenty percent more 1:56 on anything important for mexico mexico 1:59 is one of the biggest importers into the 2:01 u.s. and two of its biggest imports are 2:03 petroleum and food so get ready for food 2:07 and gas to rise twenty percent in price 2:09 in order to build a wall that is already 2:11 mostly there and is useless but imposing 2:14 tariffs on foreign imports and building 2:16 walls isn't just useless 2:18 increasing the cost of things for 2:20 American it actually threatens to 2:22 destroy the entire American economy the 2:25 dollar vigilant a senior analysts wrote 2:27 this in our latest issue to subscribers 2:29 like most Americans Trump is unaware of 2:32 the role that international trade is 2:34 played in developing wealth not only for 2:36 American corporations but also American 2:38 consumers and the many countries engaged 2:40 in it and blew those points out that 2:43 Trump doesn't make the proper 2:44 distinction between trade and global ism 2:46 besides failing to grasp the mutually 2:49 beneficial nature of trade he doesn't 2:52 understand the complexities involved in 2:53 the balance of payments theory which has 2:55 long been discredited as an old 2:57 mercantilist doctrine he uses it to 3:00 attempt to define who the winners and 3:02 losers are in trade but at boogaloos 3:04 points out the accounts are always in 3:06 balance the other side of a trade 3:08 deficit is a capital surplus what enough 3:12 money is put into American goods and 3:13 services and when people who trade with 3:15 Americans also store their money in the 3:17 US the u.s. can develop a capital 3:20 surplus as that explains a country can a 3:23 trade deficit because its capital 3:25 markets are attractive 3:27 it is after all trading Financial claims 3:29 for goods and services a country may 3:32 also have a trade deficit it print more 3:34 currency than its trading partner with 3:36 this kind of cheating tend to 3:37 self-correct the exchange rates 3:39 eventually 3:40 on the contrary the US how to trade 3:43 deficit for as long as the US dollars 3:45 floats freely and probably longer 3:47 sometimes this is the result of its 3:50 inflation is policy but mostly it's 3:52 because the US has always offered a 3:54 relatively more attractive more diverse 3:57 and more liquid and more politically 3:59 stable capital market environment store 4:01 wealth that's one of the ways the US 4:03 dollar became a reserve currency by 4:06 offering a home for all those miraculous 4:07 governments around the world who would 4:09 debase their own currencies in order to 4:12 get their exporter's an edge into the 4:13 American market 4:14 how many times have you heard the 4:16 argument about the japanese or chinese 4:18 banks funding us deficits and consumers 4:20 yet this is precisely the kind of thing 4:23 Trump thinks of as exploitation but the 4:26 u.s. gain from it too because people all 4:28 around the world wanted to trade with 4:30 people in the US 4:31 its currency circulated broadly in fact 4:34 combined with the beneficial aspects of 4:36 trade on productivity and help the Fed 4:38 manage the fallout of its policies on 4:40 local prices but Trump thinks having a 4:43 trade deficit is a bad thing and wants 4:45 to wipe it out he will try to and in the 4:47 process he will do a lot of damage the 4:49 US economy as Abu those points out for 4:52 by eliminating the trade deficit 4:55 he will also eliminate the capital 4:56 surplus and reverse all the benefits 4:58 that have accumulated not only to the 5:00 economy but also the dollar over the 5:03 decades jump is wrong to target the 5:05 trade deficit trade is not a win-lose 5:08 concept nations are not necessarily 5:10 better off because they export more 5:12 physical good and Financial claims if 5:15 there is competitive advantage on each 5:17 side discovered voluntarily in the 5:19 market by entrepreneurs the policy will 5:22 radically shrink America's fear of 5:24 trades it will lower labor productivity 5:26 as a result and real wages in the 5:29 process it may even more radically 5:31 accelerate the dollars global d 5:33 monetization as those who have traded 5:35 with America over the years finally 5:37 repatriate their dollars just this week 5:41 Iran announced it will stop using the US 5:43 dollar in response to trump spans 5:45 economic justice warriors think they're 5:48 going to improve things in the US by 5:50 limiting trade and forcing tariffs and 5:52 Vance what they'll get is the exact 5:55 opposite Trump anomic is a US dollar 5:58 crisis in the making 6:00 given the precariousness associated with 6:02 the US economy and Donald Trump you'll 6:05 certainly want to keep your assets safe 6:07 and well positioned to profit during the 6:09 incoming turmoil join us every 24th for 6:12 the dollar vigilantes 6:13 internationalisation investment summit 6:15 in gorgeous a cocoa Mexico where a 6:18 number of intelligence speakers in the 6:19 financial and cryptocurrency worlds will 6:21 be offering their insights on what to 6:23 invest in and we're following the 6:26 conference many will be attending our 6:27 cocoa the world's largest gathering of 6:30 voluntariness you might want to come 6:32 visit the freest country in North 6:34 America Mexico while you still can 6:37 and subscribe to the dollar vigilante 6:39 newsletter at dollar vigilante calm / 6:41 subscribe 6:42 to keep one step ahead of the game the 6:45 ejw may turn out to be more dangerous 6:47 than the SJW especially for your 6:50 pocketbook unless you are prepared 6:56 [Music] 7:02 the world is going to be dramatically 7:04 different in just a few short years the 7:07 European Union its fracturing beginning 7:09 with breakfast 7:10 Donald Trump is ushering in a new era of 7:12 populism and protectionism government 7:15 debt is wildly out-of-control numerous 7:18 central banks have gone to negative 7:20 interest rates in order to keep the 7:21 system going just a little while longer 7:23 capital controls are increasing while 7:27 the war on cash has been pursued with 7:29 further in places like India and 7:30 Venezuela the world bank i am at bankers 7:34 canada George Laura jacob rothschild and 7:37 many more warned that we are in 7:39 uncharted waters on the edge of collapse 7:41 putting your money in a mutual fund and 7:44 holding it for 30 years will not work 7:46 anymore 7:47 jeffco it has been warning at this since 7:49 founding the dollar vigilante with a 7:51 Google in 2010 7:53 it is called have been epic he was the 7:55 first permanent financial commentator to 7:57 tell his subscribers and the public to 8:00 get into bitcoin when it was three 8:01 dollars in 2011 it is currently eight 8:04 hundred dollars 8:05 what's your connection to record the 8:08 main connection is an incredibly excited 8:10 about it bitcoin is the revolution and 8:12 money and banking the same way that the 8:14 internet was a revolution and really 8:16 what Google's has been one of the few to 8:18 one of the two thousand one in 2008 8:19 crashes and has been bullish on gold 8:22 since its bottom in the year 2000 and 8:24 together they are holding their annual 8:26 TV investment and internationalisation 8:29 summit this temporary in Acapulco Mexico 8:31 help you prepare the crisis ahead 8:35 last year the tdb summit be warned what 8:38 was coming and gave advice of meat 8:39 attendees fortunes this is why we're at 8:43 were right central banking give a man a 8:44 gun and you can rub your back 8:46 give a man a bank and he can rob 8:48 everyone and you know we are well grew 8:51 up watching old westerns and people rob 8:53 banks that was the good old days now 8:56 banks review hedge boobs mention three 8:59 stocks to buy agnico-eagle agriculture 9:02 goal is one by one of the most 9:04 experienced learns between the industry 9:06 and it grows 76.3 one percent since 9:09 BTW built cold b2gold Corp is 9:14 responsible for discovering more than 30 9:15 million ounces of gold in their career 9:17 and it was 248 percent and Sabina golden 9:22 physical Sabina there's an emerging 9:25 producer each then rose 147 percent he's 9:30 a terrific calls and this year you can 9:33 expect more of them jeboa can add google 9:36 will be surrounded with an all-star 9:38 lineup of speakers including author of 9:40 the creature from jekyll island GA with 9:42 Griffin will discuss the state of 9:44 central banking today the world's most 9:46 respected silver analyst david morgan at 9:48 the Morgan report fix where of rotor 9:51 rooter com on discovery of the truth 9:53 behind are massively manipulated markets 9:55 and to help expose those who threaten 9:57 our free market system chairman of the 10:00 gold antitrust action committee data 10:02 bill Murphy continues to expose the 10:05 manipulation of the gold price of the 10:06 gold cartel returning speaker Rogers 10:09 there the Bitcoin Jesus recommended 10:12 buying Bitcoin at last year's conference 10:13 when it was below four hundred dollars 10:15 it is since risen to over 1,000 or other 10:19 speakers include Chris Casey of wind 10:21 rock wealth management and Colin tell 10:23 powersave global and many more 10:26 the tdb internationalisation and 10:29 investment summit will be an all day and 10:31 evening event on februari 24 held in a 10:33 five-star window Imperial resort and 10:36 convention center in acapulco mexico for 10:38 the price of 395 dollars you spend an 10:41 entire day with these experts including 10:43 an entire evening gala banquet with all 10:45 food and drinks included you can find 10:48 more TV Investment Summit dot-com and 10:50 register today because space is limited 10:53 and stay after the summit for the 10:55 four-day Anna poco conference with the 10:58 world's biggest anarcho-capitalist 10:59 speakers investors and entrepreneurs 11:01 including an entire day on blockchain 11:04 Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies called 11:06 Krypton poco on februari 28 and true 11:09 even more tone days will host the 11:11 two-day stockton crypto currency trading 11:13 workshop after a nap apoco called TV pro 11:16 trading techniques on much second 11:18 third it will be an entire week of 11:20 activities and it all starts with the TV 11:22 internationalisation and investment 11:24 stomach on februari 24 register now

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How Putin Is Transforming Russia

at the end of every year for its 0:04 magazine publishes a list of the world's 0:06 most powerful people to control over 0:08 resources of the world persons influence 0:11 on global event it on its people all 0:14 these factors that are taken into 0:15 account in the current list 0:18 third place goes to Angela Merkel second 0:20 place to Donald Trump and the first 0:22 place to black your Putin who in fact 0:25 has been leading the list is the year 0:26 2013 and that is surprising considering 0:30 that his country Russia has a population 0:32 of 145 million people compared to the 0:35 United States or other largely populated 0:37 countries like China India that's 0:39 relatively small economically Russia 0:43 might be strong but it's not leaving the 0:45 list being the world's wealthiest 0:47 country the gross domestic product so 0:50 why is the president so powerful and his 0:52 bladder Putin transform in Russia in the 0:54 world 0:57 woman was born in 1952 the st. 1:05 Petersburg which is called Leningrad at 1:08 the time father was a factory worker and 1:11 convinced communists who fucking the 1:13 second world war against the germans 1:15 before Vladimir Putin was born his two 1:18 brothers both died at a young age one of 1:21 them during the time of occupation by 1:23 the german army 11 million people died 1:27 in the city of Leningrad at that time 1:29 most of them by starvation police mother 1:33 Maria was one of the few who survived it 1:35 being the only child born after the war 1:38 and the only one that survived his 1:41 parents wanted to add more Putin to 1:42 succeed he only watch as a child and 1:45 even his own car as student an extreme 1:47 luxury at the time in the Communist 1:49 Soviet Union from a young age on Putin 1:52 was inspired by Soviets finding these 1:54 like the shield and sword and wanted to 1:56 become an agent for the KGB the Soviet 1:59 intelligence agency he was advised to 2:02 study law first which he did at sea 2:04 petersburg state university right after 2:07 graduation he began his career at the 2:09 KGB between 1985 1990 Putin work goes 2:13 undercover agent interest in Germany 2:15 where he was traded surveillance was 2:17 monitoring visitor groups 2:19 Preston became one of the town's with 2:22 the largest peaceful demonstrations 2:23 against the government at the end of the 2:25 eighties that ultimately led to the 2:27 collapse of the socialist East German 2:29 country going to follow the brown wall 2:32 on the night of the other 99 Putin was 2:35 burning secret KGB files to prevent 2:37 demonstrators from getting their hands 2:39 on them after the fall of the Soviet 2:42 Union Putin working several branches of 2:44 the st. Petersburg government until he 2:46 moved to pursue his political career 2:49 lasko the boris yeltsin's presidency 2:56 putting made a career at rapid speed he 3:00 was responsible for the relations 3:01 between the government in moscow in the 3:03 regional Russian government 3:05 he then was promoted to become head of 3:07 the Federal Security Service which is 3:10 the follow-up organization to the KGB on 3:13 the night of august 1999 boris yeltsin 3:15 announced proven to become a successor 3:17 as president and on New Year's Eve 1999 3:20 and Putin became the official president 3:23 of the russian federation 3:26 Russia's the biggest country on earth 3:30 stretching from Kaliningrad Europe all 3:33 the way to develop straight coming nine 3:35 different time zones because Russian so 3:37 far north and its land is mostly flat 3:39 which creates a cold climate most of the 3:41 population is living in the European 3:43 part of the country when Putin came into 3:45 office the Soviet Union had just 3:47 collapsed and there are many separatist 3:50 movement across Russia he ordered the 89 3:53 several subjects russia in 27 3:55 administrative districts can also change 3:58 the system so our local governments of 4:00 those regions were not elected directly 4:02 by the people anymore 4:03 instead they were appointed by the 4:05 president 4:07 this move was criticized and describe 4:09 this anti-democratic it fits into one of 4:12 the reasons why he is so popular inside 4:14 of Russia he understood that many 4:16 Russians wanted someone who brought back 4:18 the feeling of old strength and he 4:21 himself is his role as someone who has 4:23 to reunite to keep push it together the 4:27 board's Yeltsin many Russians felt like 4:29 they had a clown at the top of Western 4:31 puppet and the economy and the Yeltsin 4:33 was collapsing once Putin came into 4:36 office the country overcame the time of 4:39 transition and gain back economic growth 4:42 who knew that the people want to get the 4:45 country's pride and identity back 82,000 4:48 even brought back to old Soviet national 4:50 anthem 4:51 although with slightly different lyrics 5:02 even though Russia is immensely huge its 5:09 access to the oceans is limited the 5:11 Arctic Ocean is important please for 5:13 almost six months every year and even 5:15 though Russia has access to the Black 5:17 Sea it's still dependent on Turkey who 5:19 control the Bosphorus that connects the 5:21 Mediterranean Sea one large watching 5:24 navy base and part of the black sea 5:26 fleet is on the port of Sevastopol the 5:28 Russian army has been stationed there 5:30 for a long time in the post least by the 5:32 Ukrainian government to Russia after the 5:34 fall of the USSR when washer annex the 5:37 Crimean Peninsula in 2014 5:39 it also ensure the control over that 5:41 base which is of significant military 5:43 important out of the 10 biggest Russian 5:48 companies fiber either completely owned 5:50 by the government will have the 5:52 government has a major stockholder and 5:54 out of ten companies 64 in the oil and 5:57 gas sector two large soon as gas problem 6:01 which is on majorly by the federal 6:03 government revenue from oil salesmen 6:05 forty percent of Russia state budget 6:07 this is a strength and a curse at the 6:10 same time he has lots of control over 6:12 the European Union and its biggest trade 6:14 partners at the same time it makes 6:16 flushing very dependent on oil price and 6:19 exploit if the oil price drops Russian 6:22 growth drops this it's based off of 6:25 Natural Resources it's not literally a 6:27 modern economy ready for the future 6:29 challenges the ages of digitization 6:31 renewable power therefore Vladimir Putin 6:35 is trying to modernize the country by 6:37 creating a state-funded companies and 6:39 this happens in all sectors aircraft 6:42 companies nuclear technology high-tech 6:44 in the street huge companies that in the 6:46 future should be privatized is serving 6:49 two goals it's investing in long-term 6:51 projects at the same time the structures 6:54 interesting because none of these 6:55 companies underlies a certain industry 6:57 instead they directly under like the 7:00 Prime Minister and most of those 7:02 companies were founded in 2007 right 7:05 before Putin's have to step down because 7:06 the Constitution didn't allow them to 7:08 learn from certain as President Lee 2000 7:11 lead 7:12 he then changed to become Prime Minister 7:14 supporting method to become president 7:17 with many influential leaders beneath 7:19 and he had successfully spread his power 7:22 and pulleys influence is also going 7:29 outside of Russia in 2005 his government 7:33 founded the state television network 7:35 Russia today which now has networks in 7:38 Russian Arabic English and German the 7:41 purpose is not on Russian viewers at all 7:43 but on international attention which 7:46 also explains why eighty percent of the 7:48 network's budget spent abroad come with 7:53 that do more with us but the active duty 7:56 shift from google idealist was for 7:59 naught never infamous seniors little 8:03 pretty sure you look couture you talk 8:05 about it 8:06 xtina got to Christmas blessing of ICS 8:10 not if but besides that shirt subject 8:14 but they it's a one like the 1i poor you 8:17 are are under 46 mean it's all part of a 8:22 broader foreign strategy to influence 8:24 other countries based in st. Petersburg 8:27 the Russian government sponsored the web 8:29 brigades team the people that common 8:31 blogs and posts to change public opinion 8:33 to promote the Russian view of things 8:36 Moscow is supporting several pro-russian 8:39 parties abroad with Jobbik party hungry 8:41 the Freedom Party in Austria foresight 8:44 Dahlia marine lepen who wants for 8:46 president in the upcoming French 8:48 election has even see the credit of over 8:51 9 million euro from Moscow finders of 8:53 party's campaign and then there are also 8:56 claims of Putin ordering the hacking of 8:58 the democratic national convention to 9:01 change public American opinion is to 9:03 promote the election of Donald Trump 9:05 Putin is challenging the European Union 9:07 as well as the United States in age of 9:09 conflicts of war in Ukraine the cerium 9:12 Ukraine has annex the Crimean Peninsula 9:15 fighting a war in eastern part of the 9:18 country is Syria supporting the 9:20 government led by side is fighting the 9:23 rebels that were backed by the United 9:24 States he has transformed brush 9:27 instructions so that its powers secured 9:29 tightly with his personal wealth and the 9:32 immense influence he has an opinion all 9:34 across the globe is probably the most 9:36 powerful person on earth at this moment 9:38 and ask to use on him are very opposing 9:42 two sides of the coin people celebrated 9:46 and approval ratings and solutions are 9:48 fantastic and others see him as it 9:51 dictated wanted wishes to become a 9:54 liberal free democracy that the end 9:57 history will decide on which side cool 10:00 and this video was not made to promote 10:08 the certain opinion on Vladimir Putin 10:10 was made to show the realities of how is 10:13 transforming rush around the world if 10:15 you want to support more videos like 10:17 this subscribe share this documentary 10:19 and if you want to know more about the 10:21 conflicts and you claim in Syria check 10:24 out these videos we made earlier

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WAKE UP The World As We Know It Is Changing Right Before Our Eyes, Your Time is Running Out!

This Video is an end times update, showing the latest end times events that occurred on February 1-5. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Outbreak, Pestilence, Famine, Civil Unrest, WW3, Prophecy, biblical events, prophetic events, and other End Times events in the news. Events are happening on a daily basis that prove we are in the End Times. Time Is Running out, repent before its too late!

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How a Geert Wilders victory in Dutch elections could cause the EU to IMPLODE

Mr Wilders in the Netherlands and Ms Le Pen in France, are the silver lining of the EU cloud.
Mr Wilders would be likely to take the country out of the bloc, Marine Le Pen the Front National leader would be likely to follow suit, leaving Germany faced with the prospect of funding the cash hole.

Mr Wilders’ promises include imposing border controls, stopping Islamic Sharia law and sending home migrants who reject Dutch values or commit crimes.

Theres a lot of poverty and inequality in the world. If there were no borders in the world, the majority of the world's population would land up in cities like London, Singapore, New York or Vancouver. This idea of a liberal global utopia as they portray in films like Star Trek is fantasy. If there was no poverty in the world, no religion, etc, maybe then liberals would have a point, but we don't live in that world.

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The Naked Truth: Trumpland

 They have been called deplorable but they have changed the face of presidential politics in 2016. Fusion is uncovering the real people that drive the Trump

When people are hurting, it's easy to scapegoat those that have no power, are different and unknown, poor and immigrants. Trump folks that are hurting. We are not that different, but the biggest difference is that I look a little different from you, which Trump calls, "other.". I come from 5th generation Mexican American heritage in the Southwest, with 3 deportations in its history. My great grandfather was deported during the Great Depression in the 30's. My grandparents, both sides during "operation wetback," in the 50's. My dad in a job raid in the 70's. My parents were farmers until American subsidies made it impossible to live as farmers in Mexico, which is why they came over here to work in the fields of Stockton California in the U.S. They brought me up believing in Jesus Christ, to be in a community of faith, to care for one another, to work hard for what we make and try to be as fair and honest to others to reflect our values. Trump is at war with the working class. Look at his companies, how much steel he gets from China, his businesses in other countries, his fight against organized labor, how he duped people into spending money in a fake University. He never released his taxes, and even implicitly stated that he was smart for not paying taxes. I'm a U.S. Citizen and a proud American. Trump has a record of lying and when things are still going bad, he's going to keep on scapegoating those that are different.

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Trump just announced his candidacy for the 2020 POTUS run. This alters the rules of how Soros militants and minions can make runs and attacks at him. The Republican Congress has taken a first step towards ending the Federal Reserve with a cease and desist letter ~The Federal Reserve’s involvement in secret international banking forums dealing with financial regulation must cease and desist immediately, according to the letter.“This is unacceptable,” the letter states. “Accordingly, the Federal Reserve must cease all attempts to negotiate binding standards burdening American businesses until President Trump has had an opportunity to nominate and appoint officials that prioritize America’s best interests.“

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Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Sunday 2/5/17: News, Commentary & Reports

-- Date: February 05, 2017 -- Today on The Alex Jones Show On this Sunday, Feb. 5 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we discuss how the social engineers for centuries have used sports to distract the masses from important matters that directly effect their lives as millions prepare to watch Super Bowl LI. We'll also break down how pop-star Lady Gaga's halftime show will undoubtedly include Satanic rituals, a common occurrence at many Super Bowl games. The latest on the establishment's attacks against President Donald Trump will be covered with political insider Roger Stone as well as the aftermath from the Berkeley riots in California. We'll also take your calls during today's worldwide broadcast.

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The CIA Tool George Soros not Well & Joe Biden Warns the World about the Collapse at Davos

The World is Changing dramatically, CIA tool George Soros is not well and will be sacrificed by the International Central Bankers of Fake Money. Joe Biden just gave the Warning at Davos yesterday, telling the Truth. .

case rested too long to change / photo 0:09 that they have to adopt hard landing is 0:13 practically horrible 0:15 are you surprised have some good news 0:18 for you today 0:19 no it has nothing to do with Hillary we 0:21 all know she's gone she's done she's 0:24 kaput the good news i'm going to share 0:26 with you today has to do with george 0:28 soros he's not well 0:31 his mind is god there's many names for 0:35 it 0:36 old-timers Alzheimer's see now frankly 0:42 put George Soros is losing his mind 0:46 we'll get to that later but what I must 0:50 tell you is this no matter what happens 0:52 in the future if the thanks go down 0:55 tomorrow that game goes on that people 0:59 in the club 1:00 never give up they always stay in 1:03 control as long as they control the 1:06 central bank they can control everybody 1:09 and that includes george soros that 1:12 includes Hillary but when they're done 1:14 with you that done with you 1:16 the point I'm trying to make here is 1:18 there is a small club they control the 1:21 central bank's they control the money 1:24 and they also control george soros 1:27 George Charles within the club but he 1:30 wasn't as a talk he was not at the top 1:34 he was a tool the CIA used in the 1:37 intelligence community's you can any 1:40 government that got the okay from the 1:44 club could use George Soros and his 1:46 money and sorrows was all too happy to 1:50 help 1:51 he was part of the system but I'm 1:55 telling you that George is now being 1:57 sacrifice Hillary's dawn she's over she 2:00 dun forget about Hillary but your 2:02 sorrows in his money 2:04 well that's a whole different ballgame 2:07 George is going to be retired sacrifice 2:10 lots of things will be blamed on your 2:13 Toros I'm telling you this today because 2:15 you're going to hear lots of things 2:18 you've even heard me talk about it sort 2:21 of this sort of that is because George 2:25 Soros is sicky being sacrifice 2:28 make no mistake about it the club is 2:30 still in charge and they will always be 2:33 in charge as long as they control the 2:35 central bank there are other people who 2:38 are being sacrificed also Hillary and 2:41 Obama's friends over in Europe they're 2:44 all being sacrificed the story I'm going 2:47 to tell you today is something that you 2:49 may not be aware of because there's one 2:52 man in the game that is not going to be 2:55 sacrified there's one man in the game 2:58 who I think of as the locust tree he has 3:03 flexible he actually sat around and 3:08 watch great years this man that I'm 3:11 going to be talking about later on the 3:12 video he SAT around for eight years and 3:15 he was in the catbird seat and he 3:17 watched Obama literally destroy our 3:20 country and he just SAT here patiently 3:22 he kept his mouth shut for the most part 3:25 but he is not being sacrificed he is not 3:30 being eliminated 3:31 he has been groomed for the next role in 3:35 his life that role will be senior 3:38 leadership in the club much like Henry 3:42 Kissinger today but again just like 3:44 george soros being retired Henry 3:47 Kissinger is on his last legs also so 3:51 they need the next round of leadership 3:55 Joseph Biden will fill that role 3:59 Joe Biden is your typical American he's 4:02 pragmatic he opens his mouth 4:05 occasionally and inserts his foot that's 4:08 what Americans to but don't 4:10 underestimate him because he is the 4:14 locus branch of flexibility that is 4:18 ingrained into his soul he has watched 4:21 his loved ones fall in his photo 4:24 yin-yang world 4:25 that we live in he has seen pain but yet 4:28 he has persevered 4:31 that's why they chose him for the senior 4:34 leadership because the pressure in his 4:37 life was applied down upon him but he 4:41 did not snap he bent just like the 4:44 locust tree it did not snap it bent 4:48 that's why i call him the locus branch 4:52 of flexibility you may not know this if 4:55 you do not come from the coal country 4:56 you will not know that down in the coal 4:59 mines they do not use the strong oak 5:03 tree pillars to keep the ceiling up now 5:08 they don't use oak wood down in the 5:10 mines they use the locust tree as 5:13 pillars and the locust tree holds up the 5:16 ceiling of the mines under tons and tons 5:20 of the weight of the earth above and the 5:23 reason why they use the locust tree 5:25 because it been 5:27 when the pressure is applied it does not 5:29 snap it bends and that's why they have 5:32 picked Joseph Biden for his next role 5:35 and with a vision that we built in 5:38 sustained from above international order 5:40 the impulses hunker down shut the gates 5:44 build walls extra that this moment you 5:47 will enter that over and over as we 5:50 analyzed joseph biden today the liberal 5:53 international order you're looking at 5:56 their shells the tools these politicians 6:01 and nothing more than chilled and tools 6:03 they are being eliminated their being 6:05 sacrificed will be a new breed that will 6:08 emerge Joseph Biden will be in the 6:11 senior leadership of picking this new 6:15 breed of politician that will emerge 6:19 this is very important because they 6:21 understand that the world is changing 6:24 but what is the most important part to 6:27 take away from this message today that 6:30 Joseph Biden will not break he will not 6:33 snap he will Bend 6:35 at the SAT there in the catbird seat any 6:38 watched Oh Obama destroy the country he 6:43 SAT there with a smile on his face and 6:45 he just watched it and kept his mouth 6:47 shut for the most part i'm telling you 6:49 because he does his job he flexible like 6:54 the locust tree he bends with the wind 6:57 he's the perfect man for the job do not 7:00 underestimate him as we go forward we're 7:03 going to analyze his words he's going to 7:06 give us some insight into how they feel 7:09 today how the club is going to go 7:12 forward remember the club is not going 7:14 to give up as long as they control the 7:16 central bank's they're in charge but 7:18 they are going to bend they are going to 7:21 change their going to change with the 7:23 wind 7:24 they're going to steal some of our ideas 7:26 some of the things you heard me talk 7:28 about the past they will steal these 7:31 ideas will do anything to stay in power 7:33 they don't care about the ideology as 7:37 long as 80 the money and as long as they 7:40 stay in power 7:42 Joseph Biden will help us understand 7:44 them today but this year in those days 7:49 early days of 2017 very palpable 7:53 uncertainty about the state of the world 7:55 all they may be dumb but they're not 8:00 stupid they know there's a change in the 8:03 wind and they're ready to bend they 8:06 realize that we are the resistance they 8:09 realize that you and I no longer want to 8:13 play their game that's why everybody 8:15 voted for Donald Trump but they're not 8:17 giving up yet 8:19 as long as they control the money 8:20 they're still in the game 8:22 what we reinforce the ties that bind us 8:25 or whether we unravel under the current 8:31 treasurer those current pressures he 8:35 talked about are you and I everyone of 8:39 us all 95 million of us Americans who 8:43 are out of the workforce 8:45 do your research there are 95 million 8:49 Americans no longer in the workforce 8:52 joseph biden knows this all too well he 8:56 says are we going to unravel or are we 8:59 going to be strong like Joseph Biden and 9:02 bend in the wind like a locust tree 9:05 instead of starting the world and the 9:09 winners and losers are careful when I 9:13 mean careful attention to go and sustain 9:16 the liberal international order the club 9:20 is going to pick joseph biden they're 9:23 going to put him in a position of 9:25 leadership he will have that role he 9:28 does not know everything 9:30 joseph biden is going to be told things 9:35 that may scare the living hell out of 9:38 him because there will be winners and 9:40 there will be losers going forward 9:43 that's the thing that's going to scare 9:45 74 year-old joseph biden because he's 9:48 right in the past when we gave Europe 9:51 billions and billions of dollars and we 9:54 rebuilt Europe and we built rebuilt 9:57 Japan we gave them our money and we 10:00 wanted them to be our friends we picked 10:04 the winners and losers going forward 10:06 winners and losers will be picked more 10:09 on their intelligence level their 10:12 strength how they play the game 10:16 Putin and China will be at the top of 10:19 this game because they have the money 10:22 they have the intelligence and they are 10:24 the chess masters Joseph Biden will be 10:28 filled in on this as we go as we go 10:32 along Joseph Biden will be told the 10:34 rules of the game but yes there are 10:37 going to be winners and losers picked in 10:40 the future and again you hear him talk 10:42 about the liberal international order 10:45 because there has been one but now it's 10:49 going to be changed to something 10:51 different it's going to be an 10:53 international order of winners and 10:56 losers joseph biden is giving us a 10:59 little hint of that fact the retiarius 11:04 become very evident that the consensus 11:06 of holding this system is beginning to 11:09 face incredible and increasing pressures 11:11 from both within our countries and 11:14 without again 11:17 joseph biden speaks the truth we are 11:21 experiencing extreme pressures from 11:24 within and without from within you and I 11:28 all the pressure from what in you and I 11:31 are the resistance and we also look up 11:34 to strong man like Putin and we think 11:37 obama is weak 11:39 this is a problem for them Carol we 11:42 ignore the message to legitimate shares 11:44 in exactly the existing communities all 11:46 across the developed world the concerns 11:49 of mothers and fathers who how they feel 11:52 about losing at factory job has always 11:54 allowed them to provide for her family 11:55 and expectation that their children 11:58 would even have a better life 12:00 Paris you don't believe they can give 12:04 their children a better life than they 12:05 add my dad used to have an expression 12:10 should show you the job is about a lot 12:11 more the paycheck 12:13 it's about your dignity again he is 12:17 correct at your own peril 12:20 beware when there are 95 million 12:23 Americans out of work 12:25 beware because the pressures are 12:27 building what you will see them do is 12:31 they will print more and more fake money 12:33 and they will try to make fake jobs when 12:37 that fails then you will see something 12:42 more elaborate there may even be three 12:46 money given out that you will not even 12:49 have to work 12:50 they're discussing that right now that 12:52 everybody gets a living wage 12:55 no more welfare no more pensions they 12:57 could give you the money they give you 12:58 twenty thousand dollars do as you please 13:00 you don't need a job that's what's 13:02 coming down the road if we're going to 13:04 have robots doing our job 13:06 lots of things in the work but they do 13:10 know that if they do not give the people 13:14 money that there will be chaos lot of 13:18 people felt that way decade ago are so 13:20 sure these are pressures that are 13:25 underlying support for liberal 13:26 international orders from inside 13:28 globalization has not been always good i 13:31 am a free-trader I'm a strong supporter 13:33 of globalization but it has people the 13:38 rift between those ratios headed to top 13:41 and those struggling to hang on in the 13:44 middle of falling to the bottom again 13:49 you hereby didn't talk that the system 13:53 is falling apart you hear it in safe 13:56 pressures that are undermining the 13:58 liberal international order he says it 14:01 over and over and over the liberal 14:04 international order they are losing 14:06 control unless they're able to get that 14:09 money into your hand unless they are 14:12 able to get that money into my hands 14:14 they're going to lose everything then 14:16 realized it they're not going to lose 14:19 everything because they control the 14:21 central bank's all they're going to do 14:23 is give Donald Trump as much money as he 14:26 wants to make those steak jobs put all 14:29 those angry people like you and me put 14:32 them in a job and everybody will be 14:34 happy but it will all be created with 14:36 fake money from the central bank at some 14:40 point in the game it's all going to come 14:42 collapsing down but yes the game goes on 14:46 like I said they're not going to give up 14:48 yet 14:49 one year ago I spoke here at dollars 14:52 about the challenges we face mastering 14:54 the fourth Industrial Revolution what he 14:58 means is the fourth turning a some time 15:02 speaking code 15:03 yes he's talking about the fourth 15:06 turning remember that when your 15:09 great-grandfather left and your 15:11 grandfather left then they died they 15:13 took all that wisdom with them that's 15:17 how you have the 15:18 turning the first turning the second 15:20 turning the third turning and we are now 15:22 into the fourth turning where it all 15:25 changes they know that now they speak 15:28 speaking code words that's what it's all 15:32 about how are they going to prepare for 15:35 this big change that obvious is all 15:38 around us being while many 15:41 communications developed world the long 15:44 depended on manufacturing captions true 15:47 they're older standard it is declining 15:50 they feel shut out of opportunities for 15:52 economic security field jeopardize and 15:55 taken together these forces are 15:56 effectively hollowing out little class 15:59 the traditional engine of economic 16:01 growth and I might add of social 16:04 stability in western nations are you 16:11 starting to hear a pattern here with 16:12 Joseph vited being well in the developed 16:15 world things are falling apart social 16:18 order is collapsing we must use our 16:21 tools people like george soros we must 16:24 use their tools are billions of dollars 16:27 we must get control over the masses 16:29 things are falling apart the little 16:31 international order is at risk 16:34 what shall we do 16:37 there is a problem yet they know it so 16:40 have been hateful individuals from 16:43 megaphone to spread their period 16:46 extremist ideologies thank you shaving 16:50 down govern stations and the energy and 16:54 as long as they're hateful people out 16:56 there like raw VAR new la the internet 17:00 is not a safe place in this case using 17:04 Islamophobic I should make Jennifer with 17:07 greater Mr Shearer so giving advance 17:10 their own agenda 17:12 it just gets better and better doesn't 17:14 it yes here by Dan takes up a page out 17:18 of the Hillary Clinton playbook and 17:21 basically called us deplorable didn't 17:24 actually use the word but that's what he 17:26 meant were deplorable with a vision that 17:28 we built in 17:29 sustained from the boat international 17:31 order the info Concordat shut the gates 17:35 build walls extra that this moment is 17:40 precisely their own answers yes this 17:44 many of them that want to hold her down 17:46 many of them to want to head for the 17:47 hills and hide but the club the club 17:51 that control the central bank they're 17:53 not going to hide 17:55 they're just going to spread the money 17:56 out and try to get you and I back on 17:59 their side that's their game plan they 18:02 have to convince you and I to get back 18:04 in the game 18:05 good luck with that least we're trying 18:08 to ram was clearly prefer a world in 18:10 which days persuade they have 18:12 overwhelming joy in their regions not 18:17 mince words this movement is 18:21 structurally led by Russia the treasurer 18:25 of student what he's trying to say is 18:29 this that Turkey is now joining the 18:33 Chinese rushing Persian Alliance and now 18:38 the balance of power is changing forever 18:41 as we waste the trillions and trillions 18:43 of dollars without some of our ass out 18:46 and some desert fighting Zionist wars 18:49 for our master the world has changed all 18:53 around us and now we have to bend we 18:56 have to change or take for granted that 18:59 the successful continue without and also 19:03 a lot of really hard work investment 19:06 it's only by championing the liberal 19:09 tradition order i continue to invest in 19:12 our security reasons reaffirming our 19:15 shared value expanding the cause of 19:17 Liberty around the world that we are 19:19 going to retain our position of 19:21 leadership because if we don't fight for 19:24 our values 19:25 no one else will the idea of Europol 19:28 entrain and peace and my pain 19:30 constitutes the most audacious 19:32 consequential visions of the past 19:34 century 19:35 I'm afraid it's now time to end this 19:39 story Joseph Biden did not let me down 19:42 even in the end when a non attacker came 19:47 into the system and shut the power down 19:49 Joseph Biden kept on going he just bent 19:54 like that flexible locust tree Joseph 19:57 Biden is not to be underestimated 19:59 because even as the power went down even 20:03 as a hacker took the power away 20:05 Joseph Biden kept on talking this is why 20:08 we call him mr. flexible like a locus 20:14 branch he will be there in a leadership 20:20 role for the club the club that controls 20:23 all the money in the central bank's 20:26 international banks across the world not 20:31 just America international banks across 20:33 the world

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Jordan Maxwell on The Trump administration and the Future of America

JORDAN MAXWELL Project Camelot interview FEB 1, 2017

Jordan Maxwell (born Russell Pine 28 December 1940) is a researcher and independent scholar in the fields of astro-theology, religion, secret societies, and the occult, with a focus on the foundations for modern-day religion and government. He began his work in 1959 and has produced numerous video lectures and documentaries on these subjects. He has been described by peers and fans alike as “the preeminent researcher and scholar in the field of occult/religious philosophy”, although Maxwell prefers to refer to himself simply as “an ordinary man pursuing extraordinary knowledge”. Maxwell had his radio show on an ABC-owned station taken off the air by eliminating his sponsor under provisions in the Patriot Act during John Ashcroft’s term as US Attorney General.

Maxwell’s areas of interest include secret societies, ancient symbols and occult emblems, secret meanings of modern symbols (from corporate logos to government emblems), ancient sciences and technologies, and hidden Bible teachings and mysteries. Confusion regarding the actual definition of the word “occult” (Latin word simply meaning “hidden”) has led some to misunderstand Maxwell’s work. As he states, “Occult doesn’t mean evil or bad or corrupt. It just means hidden. Secrets. In the medical field, there are terms that doctors use; certain organs are occult…it means hidden or not in view.”

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Michael Moore in TrumpLand (2016)

 Michael Moore in TrumpLand (2016) - In the weeks before the 2016 general election, Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore performs a pro-Hillary Clinton stand-up show deep in the heart of TrumpLand.

Oscar-winner Michael Moore dives deep in the heart of hostile TrumpLand territory with his daring, profound, and uproarious one-man show. When the show gets banned from the first town they tried, Mike moves on to an even bigger community of Trump supporters in the ironically-named Clinton County, Ohio. Performed, shot, and edited just weeks before the 2016 election, this heartfelt, honest, and hilarious concert film is essential election viewing for a divided America. With a title like Michael Moore in TrumpLand, you may think you know what's in store, but the film is sure to surprise. Entertaining, outraging, and informing in equal measure, no matter who you're voting for, this movie has something for everybody.

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President Donald Trump's Weekly Address [02/03/17]

this week I nominated Neil 0:02 Gorsuch for the United States Supreme 0:04 Court Judge course which is one of the 0:07 most qualified people ever to be 0:09 nominated for this post 0:11 he's a graduate of Columbia Harvard and 0:14 Oxford he's a man of principle he has an 0:17 impeccable resume he's widely respected 0:20 by everyone and judge courses it's 0:23 proven track record upholding the 0:26 Constitution makes him the ideal person 0:29 to fill the vacancy left by the late 0:32 great Antonin Scalia a truly fabulous 0:35 justice 10 years ago the Senate 0:38 unanimously approved judge corset his 0:41 nomination to serve on the Tenth Circuit 0:44 Court of Appeals urge members of both 0:46 parties to support judge courses and in 0:49 so doing to protect our laws and our 0:52 freedoms this week we also took 0:55 significant action to roll back the 0:57 massive regulation that is devastating 0:59 our economy and crippling American 1:03 companies and jobs 1:04 that's why I've issued a new executive 1:06 order to create permanent structure of 1:09 regulatory reduction disorder requires 1:12 that for everyone 1:14 new regulation to old regulations must 1:18 and I mean must be eliminated it's out 1:21 of control the January employment report 1:24 shows that the private sector added 1:26 237,000 jobs last month a lot of that 1:30 has to do with the spirit our country 1:32 now as job growth far surpassed 1:35 expectations in january and the labor 1:38 force participation also grew so you can 1:42 be encouraged about the progress of our 1:44 economy it's going to be a whole new 1:47 ballgame but there is still much work to 1:51 do that i can tell you 1:53 also this week on the first day black 1:56 history month i was pleased to host 1:58 african-american leaders at the White 2:00 House were determined to deliver more 2:03 opportunity jobs and safety for the 2:06 african-american citizens of our country 2:08 America can really never ever rest until 2:13 Q 2:13 children of every color are fully 2:16 included in the American dream so 2:18 important i think probably one of my 2:21 most and maybe my most important goal it 2:24 is our mutual duty and obligation to 2:27 make sure this happens at Dover Air 2:30 Force Base on wednesday i joined the 2:32 family of chief Special Warfare operator 2:35 william ryan owens as our fallen hero 2:38 was returned home a great man chief 2:41 Owens gave his life for his country and 2:44 for our people are dead to him and his 2:46 family a beautiful family is eternal God 2:51 has truly blessed this nation to have 2:53 given us such a brave and selfless 2:55 patriot as Ryan we will never forget him 2:59 we will never ever forget those who 3:02 serve believe me and i will never forget 3:05 that my responsibility is to keep you 3:07 the American people safe and free 3:12 that's why last week I signed an 3:14 executive order to help keep terrorists 3:16 out of our country the executive order 3:18 establishes a process to develop new 3:20 Vedic and mechanisms to ensure those 3:23 coming into America love and support our 3:27 people that they have good intentions on 3:31 every single front we're working to 3:33 deliver for American workers and 3:34 American families you the law abiding 3:37 citizens of this country are my total 3:39 priority your safety your jobs and your 3:43 wages guide our decisions we are here to 3:46 serve you the great and loyal citizens 3:49 of the United States of America to 3:51 forgotten men and women will never be 3:54 forgotten again because from now on it's 3:57 going to be America first 3:59 that's how i got elected that's why you 4:01 voted for me and i will never forget it 4:04 god bless you and God bless america 4:07 we will make America 4:10 wait

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