Gerald Celente : Trump is The Wildest of The Wild cards , But he is Very Good News for The Market far

Gerald Celente - Trump Rally Hits New Highs, Fitch Worried About Trump's "Aggressive Tone"
It is what it is and not what you want it to be: The first rule of trend forecasting

Gerald Celente : today's trends in the news all the 0:21 market front it's an upscale the day in Asia poop up in Europe and up here in the states boils down and goals down a bit so what's going on well let's look at the markets this is from the weekends Financial Times bullishness over Trump policies and earnings fuel recognize oh and over the weekend china reported January trade that is showing a seven point nine percent year-on-year gain in exports and a 16-point 7% jump in imports quote such a robust pace of imports reflects steady growth on the crucial front of reorienting the main engine of China's economy towards domestic consumption and away from exports as Anthony Cara Dacus chief economist's at miller topic the combined trends in both exports and imports makes us even more confident that a residual risk of a hard landing in China is steadily retreating very important the most important part of this or not the most important is China's economy towards domestic consumption it's a country of 1.2 1.3 billion people so yes domestic consumption counts a lot and that's where you're seeing a lot of growth the numbers of solid so going back to the markets here that was on the weekend let's look today US stocks climbed to new record highs Monday as investors remain bullish on president Trump's economic agenda quote the market is going on the optimism of the truck tax plan that will be announced soon said Robert public chief market strategist at Boston private wealth this is very good news for the markets exactly what we've been saying now since basically Trump got elected you as trends journal subscribers know the facts so here we are February 13 with remember get selected December January February the market keeps moving our will there be a correction of course there will will it be a depression kite type of correction at this point we do not believe so although others are saying it will be but again there's that wild-card out there and chopped is the wildest of wildcards quote there's a bullish bias remaining in the market after Trump said that there will be a phenomenal tax plan coming said Nick rach of the learning scout and very important interest rates they're looking now at basically a thirteen percent chance of a rate hike in march and a twenty-three percent chance in may according to the forecasts out there but yet why will gold prices down you know why gold prices slipped on Monday as the dollar rose and equities climbed but there's still that uncertainty out there but again let's stay with the dollars first and the uncertainty second you trend alert last week rising interest rates in the states will push gold prices lower as the dollar strengthens trend alert trend alert and what else did we say with the causes of why gold is also a safe-haven asset what we went on to say that beyond the trump card investors confidence is being unnerved by unsettling rumblings across the geopolitical landscape in France for example marine lepen xanthye European Union anti-euro National Party is gaining strength so what do we have here today from CNBC meanwhile national elections in Europe this year starting with the Netherlands at the end of March make the political outlook uncertain the first round of presidential elections of France follows in April the possibility that marine lepen the national front wing is a root cause of much uncertainty again history before it happens we go into much more greater detail than they are the only hitting a bunch of points but not all the big ones so now on oil the two things that went down today oil and gold everything went up oil futures fell nearly two percent on monday as signs arising us crude output continue to weigh on prices and innotech reports showing high compliance with last year's landmark production cut deal underwhelmed investors let's go back again to friday listen to this clip about oil go back trends journal subscribers back to 2014 in June oil prices started going down from around a hundred and fifteen dollars a barrel to where they are now in the mid-fifties and it went down as low as the twenties and high twenties Saudi Arabia so they weren't going to cut production will increase more and drive everybody else that a business that was their plan and they failed they failed miserably just like it failing and Yemen not enough failing its fluttering a lot of people with that war in Yemen they failed in their oil policy so now remember the higher the prices go you know the story another increase in US oil rigs hell down gains in the afternoon jailers added eight oil rigs in the week of February 10-2 February tense bringing the total count up to 591 the most since October 2015 today you got it the higher the prices go the more products going to come onto the market we've been repeating that cutbacks from OPEC members are only going to bring so much but the point that we've been making over and over again is that how Saudi Arabia played the card that by letting oil prices go down they push the competition a lot of it out of business so this is from the weekend edition of the Financial Times the siding decisions without prices to fall two years ago had painful consequences across the Gulf and its policy shift is a signal that Riyadh is seeking to raise revenue to fund the plan to overhaul the economy so they got it they failed but they didn't even go into the amount of failure and the arrogance that the Saudis kept pushing that by prices going lower all of the shell developers would be added business and others so what's happening again as the price goes up so does the recount and so do does production moving on them on other economic growth and economic decline economic growth slowed in quarter economy slowed again in the final quarter of 2016 in Japan its people spending by consumers took the shine of a pickup in exports in business investment leaving growth lagging behind the pace targeted by Prime Minister Shinzo Bobby's administration one failure after another there's hardly been growth yet all of the quantitative easy all of the bond-buying stop buying schemes from the bank of japan to negative interest rates a failure but it keeps the Ponzi scheme going remember we're talking about China and growth over there in the nation as those 1.35 billion consumed where's remember the Americas we only 10:05 have the point 3 2 billion of that 1.35 10:10 billion australia would growers feel the 10:15 benefit as Chinese flock to buy their 10:20 where yes 10:23 dolly and Wanda's sets sights on 10:27 european bank assets Chinese property 10:31 group diversifies deutsches postbank on 10:36 shopping list go back to top 10 trends I 10:42 and sell china it's there for everybody 10:45 and it's not going away 10:49 interesting story it talked a bit about 10:52 Japan one of the reasons why spending is 10:55 going down the population is getting 10:56 older and the older and older you get 10:59 the less you spend other things change 11:01 as well and an American much of the West 11:04 we have aging populations 11:07 that's right you know which one of our 11:09 great trends of 2016 and beyond 11:16 longevity graceful aging how to do 11:23 itbest and how to stay healthy and alive 11:26 awful aging is the term that we use very 11:30 important looking at trends and how to 11:33 seize them for opportunities as Japan 11:37 ages menus adapt to finding the gourmet 11:42 in pure ease purees 11:45 so what they're saying is that 11:50 restaurants in Japan catering to an 11:52 aging population with meals for those 11:54 who have difficulty chewing or 11:56 swallowing in the way that restaurants 11:59 have long offered children's menus some 12:02 are now offering special menus for the 12:05 elderly to yes not only pureed food so 12:08 that you go down easily have a lot of 12:10 teaching you can't you so much but 12:12 that's part of this and it's not only in 12:14 the restaurant is going to be continued 12:16 product lines but product lines going to 12:19 make you healthy as you can possibly be 12:21 under aging conditions it's a trend it's 12:25 a big one 12:26 virtually very few companies are tying 12:30 into it because in America there is the 12:33 great denial of death and you see with 12:37 all the silicon con men 12:40 yeah and all the rest we're going to 12:42 live to a thousand years old we got this 12:44 algorithm if you mix it with that 1/2 12:48 put in a drink and shut up you know what 12:50 will live forever but in the real world 12:53 top zip jacket dead so big market sector 13:01 to take advantage of and going on with 13:04 trumping why the markets arising the 13:06 changes taking place 13:08 Trump's hard line on Mexico cast shadow 13:12 very interesting story the first nine 13:15 months of 2016 foreign direct investment 13:18 sell twenty-four percent compared with a 13:21 year earlier in Mexico according to the 13:23 bank of Mexico because of course border 13:27 commerce grew spooked by campaign 13:30 criticism of free trade deals 13:33 there's no end in sight of this it's 13:35 going to change you look at the numbers 13:37 they're real angst over the longer term 13:41 is tied to Mexico's dependence on 13:43 exports which account for a third of its 13:47 economic activity and you ready for this 13:50 eighty percent of the x sports go to us 13:57 the u.s and as their currency goes lower 14:05 they keep jacking up interest rates 14:08 slowing down the economy and trying to 14:12 stop inflation from rising and it's now 14:15 at about 4.75 percent year-to-date 14:23 so on to some other news and talking 14:27 about playing the chump card the 14:30 wildness of the jump god is it a joke 14:32 Lauren ace again we're looking at the 14:35 markets why they're going up but as i 14:38 keep saying the trump card is the wild 14:41 card and he's the wireless two wildcards 14:44 a story very important from fish this 14:48 past weekend US presidents aggressive 14:52 tone poses global risks the Trump 14:55 administration represents a risk to the 14:57 international economy and global 15:00 government creating work 15:01 creditworthiness according to an 15:04 unusually sharply worded report by fitch 15:07 when a leading credit rating agencies in 15:13 the world 15:15 Donald Trump is spark consternation at 15:18 home and abroad with his tough rhetoric 15:21 and a blitz of executive orders to make 15:24 good on campaign promises which argued 15:28 the predictability of the US had eroded 15:32 highlighting the quote aggressive tone 15:35 and quote of the administration and 15:39 raising the possibility of quote sudden 15:42 unanticipated changes in US policies 15:46 that could have negative global 15:49 implications 15:50 all right go back to trend alert go back 15:55 to trends journals and that's what we're 15:58 saying it's not what you like what you 16:00 want what you wish for  it's what is and the level of 16:05 uncertainty to us makes gold a safe 16:08 haven commodity that you might want to  consider we do not give financial advice 16:13 as a safe haven against the 16:18 unpredictability that the whole world is 16:21 seeing writing and talking about this is  Gerald Celente and that's some of  today's trends in the news

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Everything you Stood for and Believed in was All a Lie

If you think you can handle the truth, well here it is folks
We have been "screwed, blued and tattooed." The moral of the story is that as long as the money and legal power are in the hands of the self serving and corrupt liars, cheaters, pedophiles, and the satanic Illuminati who are morally bankrupt and run the world governments we are all doomed.Two US parties your voting for the same master in the background both parties are owned including the media.And Trump aint no savior.

The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

The CFR & The Secret Elite Who Control America and The World

Is the CFR part of a global government? Formed in 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations is one of the most influential organizations in the United States -- but who are they? Strap on your tinfoil hat and take a look at the conspiracy theories surrounding the CFR and one-world government.

It's the Old World Order. Jesuits = Old World Order The Royal Bloodlines = Old World Order The Illuminati = Old World Order masquerading as New World Order The New World Order = Masonry (And Jacobins and Rosicrucians) . The Jesuits were created to fight against the Reformation and the Masonry. They could never get inside the Masonry however and the Rosicrucians were something they were highly concerned with. During the Jesuit Suppression of 1773 the "powers that be" used the opportunity to create a NWO group they could use to infiltrate the others, this group became what we now know as the Illuminati, which was created by a very clever Jesuit professor. Now after the Napoleanic Wars we have been lead to believe that The Holy Roman Empire was defeated and that was that. However these Kings and Queens are still very much alive, some never officially abdicated their thrones like the King of Greece. Others like the Queen of the Netherlands owns the majority shares in the largest corporations in the world, Royal Dutch Shell. Others like the Queen of England owns more land than everyone else in the world combined and her face is on a significant portion of the world's currency. Then there is the King of Spain who owns Cintra(sp?) who was set to build the NAFTA Superhighway. Think about that for just a second. Who will we being tolls to on that road? And who do we pay taxes to every time we fill up on Shell gasoline? Maybe you don't go to Shell, but guess what our brilliant country did? We sold ALL of our future SHALE oil reserves to Royal Dutch Shell. Where do you think all that water in California has been going? It's not just going to waste on lawn care, it is being used to frack in the Colorado basin. America was sitting pretty owning 2/3rd of the world's shale oil supply, once the Saudi oil was all used up. Now it is primarily owned by the Holy Roman Empire via the Dutch royal family. You might not buy your guess from Shell, but our grandkids will be forced to. In the shadows the Holy Roman Empire is more powerful now than it has ever been. The Jesuits and Zionists both were created by them. The Jesuits were created to regain influence within the Holy See because other Catholic countries kept killing off German born Holy Roman Emperor Puppet Popes, which led to the Year of 4 Popes, after which the Concordat of Worms was held and there hadn't been a German born Pope in 1,000 years before Bavarian(Illuminati) born Benedict aka Papa Joseph Ratzinger. After this the Emperor relocated to Spain and after Pope Alexander VI aka Roderigo Borgia aka the most notoriously infamous Pope ever. After this there hasn't been a Spanish born Pope in over 500 years. So if you was Emperor what would you do? It's been about 40 years and you are not allowed to have Pope because other Catholic countries felt it gave too much power to the Emperor, so what do you do? Well if you have Francis Borgia as your right hand man and adviser you take his advice when he has a plan of action. He is looking for an excellent public speaker and a man of intense devotion. One that is not directly connected to the Emperor. Borgia finds such a man preaching in Salmanca Spain, Ignatius Loyola. Problem is Loyola got himself arrested for preaching in public without a license, as well as arrested for "sympathies to the Allumbrados". No worries though, Borgia pays his bail and arranges for Loyola to go to the University of Paris to get his proper preaching credentials where Loyola just happens to run into 5 other like minded men. Long story short, Loyola convinces the Pope to create a new religious order that will lead the charge in the Counter-Reformation against the Church's Protestant enemy. The Pope grants permission but limits the number to 60 priests, which is of no matter in the long term scheme of things because the next Pope lifts this limitation just about a decade or so later, before Francis Borgia becomes the new Jesuit General Superior aka "The Black Pope". Borgia makes so many changes that historians consider the original Order Loyola created as being separate from the one Borgia morphed them into. Loyola created the Society of Jesus and Borgia created the Jesuits, which was a derogatory name for the Society but Borgia was fond of it because the name had already begun striking fear into the hearts of their enemies. The Society of Jesus was created in September 1540 and King Henry VIII died in 1547 and the limitation to their order was lifted in 1550. Why do I mention King Henry the VIII's death? His last 3 words were "Monks! Monks! Monks!"  Do the math. Historians fucked up and postulated that Henry knew he was dying and was calling for a priest for a bedside confessional. Nope. Why does he need more than 1 for starters? We was he calling for "monks" and not "Priest! Priest! Priest!"?  Then you had at least a half dozen Jesuit Plots(hat we know of) against Queen Elizabeth I. The Ridolfi, Babington, Throckmorton, Bye, and Popish Plots just to name a few. Then you have King James and the Gunpowder Plot which I won't even get into other than to say Jesuit Superior General of England Henry Garnett also hung for the crime, and that this took place right before the publication of the King James Version of the bible and was being hatched when the bible was being written. And yes Sir Francis Bacon had a hand in writing it and yes he was a Rosicrucian, as was John Dee. But that is just my own speculation. Not much is known about the Rosicrucians. As for the Zionists, who is credited their creation? The Rothschilds of course. But where did the Rothschilds get their titles of nobility and their initial vast sums of wealth? Oh ya, the Holy Roman Empire, with the wealth coming during the Napoleanic Wars when Napoleon was about to take the Empire's wealthiest and most influential territory Burgundy. The Duke of Burgundy left his entire wealth into the trusted hands of the Rothschilds, which translates to Red Shield. Who else used to have red shields? The original banksters the Knights Templar had red crosses on their shields, maybe the Rothschilds are the trusted banskters for the Holy Roman Empire. Perhaps their wealth is really the Empire's, they are just entrusted to invest it and commit usury on their behalf. What would Zionists get out of the deal? They already got it. They got their holy land back, in which Catholics did too, at least by proxy. The Empire learned they could never hold the Holy Land. The Jews had been at odds with Rome for centuries. The Empire brought the Jews in and created "Court Jews". Speaking of Court Jew, 3 currently served on our Supreme Court. The other 6 members are all Catholic, in which several are Jesuit educated, and at least 3 are members of Opus Dei. Of the Jews, Ginsberg is married to a Jesuit professor. The Lincoln Assassination mirrors the Gunpowder Plot in which the ringleader is not the name remembered, just the patsies holding the torch/smoking gun. Jesuit priests frequented the Surratt house and Mary Surratt spoke her last words to a Jesuit priest. The ringleader John Surratt got away and joined the Papal Zouve. Theorists talk about Allen Dulles when talking about the JFK Assassination, but how many of them know he had a Jesuit priest for a nephew named Avery? Or that the then Secret Service Director James J Rowley had a Jesuit priest brother named Francis? And that JFK forced Rowley to hire the first black agent about 6 months before the assassination? Who else could have given the Secret Service the order to stand down that day? The Rowley family was also family friends with the original founder of the CIA "Wild ill" William Donovan. James recalls him visiting his home in Fordham(Jesuit territory) in an interview that can be found online if one were so inclined to look. He also reveals his Jesuit brother Francis in this same interview, which makes since he became a Jesuit priest growing up a block from Fordham University.  Then you have the assassination on Reagan and Pope John Paul II taking place 40 days apart, both by "crazed lone gunmen". Question, why did the Black Pope Pedro Arrupe take a "vacation" to "the far East" immediately after the assassination attempt on Pope John II failed? He is supposed to be the Pope's bodyguard, why did he go to Japan where he spent 15 years doing missionary work? Sure he didn't "flee" to a place he felt he could hole up somewhere with a family he trusted? According to the official story he suffered "a stroke" immediately upon his plane's landing on the Vatican's diplomatically immune soil and that was due to "being so overjoyed to be back home". Pope JPII was no dummy, his predecessor only lasted 33 days and knew who would ultimately be behind any attempt on his life. He struck down the Jesuits next 2 selections for Arrupe's successor and appointed 2 temporary Black Popes, in the event "one should die of old age". JPII settled on fellow Polish born Kolvenbach, who stepped down the first chance he got after Pope JPII died to make room for Arrupe's protégé Adolfo Nicholas. It was a coup. They tried to take out the newly elected President and have him replaced with George Bush Sr and the newly appointed anti-Jesuit Pope John Paul II in order to replace him with someone more pro-Jesuit. Now we have a Jesuit Pope for the first time in history as they were never to be allowed to take up rank within the Church's hierarchy. Not Bishop, not Cardinal and certainly not Pope. The writing is on the wall. The New World Order is a lie. It was infiltrated and subverted by the Old World Order. The powers that be are the same ones they have always been.

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Why aren't the people in return allowed to keep secrets
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The Rothschild Bros

"Debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages must be foreclosed as rapidly as possible. When, through a process of law, the common people lose their homes they will become more docile and more easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of government, applied by a central power of wealth under control of leading financiers.

This truth is well known among our principal men now engaged in forming an imperialism of Capital to govern the world.

By dividing the voters through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance. Thus by discreet action we can secure for ourselves what has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished."

USA Banker's Magazine, August 25 1924

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